I am the founder and designer of h.p.lafaurie Wedding Rings. Born and raised in Colombia, South America, I have an B.A. in Business Economics from the Universite de Droit, d’Economie et Sciences Sociales de Paris-Paris France. I moved to Canada and studied jewelry at Ecole de Joaillerie de Montreal, Montreal.

Creating a Wedding Rings Line

My jewelry company h.p.lafaurie Wedding Rings, was founded a few years ago. It has been dedicated in the last couple of years to Wedding Rings Line.

I design and make limited edition jewelry collections for my personal business as well as custom pieces for customers. My main interest is to work closely with my customers, bringing their ideas to my ring designs.

I create unique custom-made pieces and I’m very proud of my technique and creativity. I consider myself lucky to work with the most talented people within the jewelry community.

Going forward adding a new niche with my Wedding Rings pieces opens again new opportunities to grow in a field that makes me feel downright.

Being part of Made You Look Jewelry Gallery & Studio in Parkdale, Toronto, it’s an incredible achievement on my way to grow as a jewelry making.

Transforming materials into wonderful things is limited only by our own imagination. I feel very fortunate of doing something that I enjoy so much!