Sunday, January 29,2017

New designs growing in the quiet of january

Helena Perez Lafaurie’s new work

January is a quiet time for goldsmiths.  The Christmas rush is over and Valentine’s Day seems a long way off.  But don’t let our quietness fool you.  Like so many things in winter we are working quietly away in the dark and cold ready to spring forth with new growth.


One such goldsmith is Helena Pérez Lafaurie. She has spent January working on new pieces for her eponymous jewellery line. Like many of us Helena can’t keep her mind off of the warmth and sun of Spring and this can be seen in her new work called, of course, “Spring.”

Spring bracelet in silver and Agatha - Jewellery Design

“Spring” bracelet in silver and Agatha, length 7 inches, price $165


The line was inspired by the agate stones seen in both the necklace and bracelet, “The agate looks like blossoms to me, I miss the spring so much, the flowers, the sun…,”she trails off, misty eyed.  Between you and me, I think the line is inspired by her soon-to-be-born first grandson!




Spring necklace in silver and Agatha - Hplafaurie

“Spring” necklace in silver and Agatha, length 33 inches, price $220



Helena’s second set of new pieces is called “Charms.” As all of us at Jewel Envy can testify, Helena LOVES little things that shine and make noises.





Necklace in silver - Jewellery Design

Necklace in silver, length 33 inches, price $166



When Helena is in the studio, her ever-present stacked silver bracelets are in constant movement and making sound much like this new necklace and bracelet will when worn—they are sure to attract the attention of the new grandson!




Bracelet in silver

Bracelet in silver, length 7 inches, price $105


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